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Meet the Family

Our staff cares about your event being a one of a kind experience - and we feel the planning should be just as fun as the event itself!  We pride ourselves in being accessible to clients and vendors with direct answers that help simplify laying the groundwork for the perfect event.  

We are one site the day of the event - first ones in and last ones out.  Our team ensures the building and grounds are looking their best and everything is operational.  Your guests are greeted with a smile and directed to the event from the parking lot, creating a seamless experience!

Our wedding could not have gone more perfectly and that is in large part to the beautiful venue and staff at Hazelnut Farm. The main reason we chose this venue, aside from how stunning it is, was because the rain back up plans were just as beautiful as the Plan A ceremony set up. Although the rain had stopped by the time the ceremony began we had our ~200 person ceremony under the patio and it was everything we had hoped for. There are so many different locations to take photos, ways to configure the room, and plenty of accommodations for guests. The venue staff is responsive, friendly, helpful and makes sure your day is wonderful!

Kind Words from Clients

- Bride, July 2022

Hazelnut Farm's Full Time Team

You will meet one of us when you first visit Hazelnut Farm and we will walk you through all of our experiences with different style events to see if our property is the right fit for your vision.  

On any given day, this is the team that will be in correspondence with you and your planner through the months leading up to your event.  We oversee that all the details are coming together on time!  We add our collective knowledge to the documents we send you the day you sign, including vendor referral booklets and an easy guide for you to use our online planning software.  We can't wait to talk to you soon!


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Melissa Montgomery
Property Manager

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Melissa has been in the wedding & event industry for 8 years and loves the journey she gets to take with every wedding planning experience.  She has been involved with the property and its owners in some manner since its conception in 2017, but became its manager in 2019.  

Melissa's favorite part of the job are unique design concepts that utilize the property in new and exciting ways and the smiles of a newlywed couple as they recess down the aisle!

Pronoun: She/Her



Erin McDermott
Lead Venue Coordinator &
Event Planner

Erin started in the wedding & event industry 2 years ago as a full time intern at Hazelnut Farm.  She took the plunge into an industry all new to her and naturally became a valuable asset to the team, eventually becoming the assistant manager.  

Erin's favorite aspect of events is pulling together different details to craft each event to be unique and express the couple's style.  Did you know she even does calligraphy!?

Pronoun: She/Her


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Abby Kruse
Venue & Event Coordinator

Abby started at Hazelnut Farm as an intern before becoming full time after graduation in 2022.  She is passionate about making people happy and always has a fresh perspective that benefits event days.

Abby's favorite part of working at Hazelnut Farm is being on hand for a couple to help make their day as perfect as they envisioned.  You may even spot this girl out on the dance floor!

Pronoun: She/Her


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Fun Fact

Erin and Abby are cousins who are 9 years apart in age.  


A team we couldn't live without...

On event day, we are supported by a full team of event staff that ensure we always have somebody on hand for you.  We aren't the kind of venue to unlock the doors and leave you to it!  

Whether its our assistant venue & event coordinators, setup crew, security, or cleaning staff, we can't deliver top of the line service without all the amazing individuals that work for us.  

And let's face is just more fun together!

Interested in a job or internship position at Hazelnut Farm?  We are always growing our team and would love to hear how your special skills could benefit our brand and our clients.  Please send resume's and cover letters to or contact us today!

Who does the Planning?

When you book with Hazelnut Farm,  you are required to have a planner or coordinator for your wedding or event.  When you opt for the in-house planning service, you are guaranteed the Property Managers are your lead and second lead planners/coordinators to guide you through the process and be on property from beginning to end on event day.  That along with the support of assistants from our event team offer the highest service possible from the team most knowledgeable about Hazelnut Farm events!

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Team Photo Stylized Shoot Credits

Photography: T&S Photography and Production
Florals: Sarah Rae Designs
Rentals: Millennium Events
Lighting: Partyzone! Productions
Makeup: Makeup by Brooke Stillen
Concept & Design: Hazelnut Farm

Shot on location in Hazelnut Farm's gardens & ballroom

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