Hazelnut Farm

Whether you want a large wedding or an elopement, Hazelnut Farm has a multitude of indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate all phases of your event. The success of your big day is our highest priority, so we will work tirelessly to ensure Hazelnut Farm accommodates your needs. We offer a customizable space that allows you to craft your day specific to your vision, so no two events are ever identical!

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Tables and Chairs

Save thousands in rentals with all your tables and gold chiavari chairs included in the rental (service for up to 350 guests)


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Indoor Outdoor Experience

Our covered porch is a favorite ceremony spot for couples and has doubled as an outdoor dance floor throughout the pandemic. Our indoor spaces are climate controlled and our ballroom features 10 sets of french doors that can be thrown open on nice evenings.

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Modern Facilities

A Kentucky inspired barn that was built with intention for the enjoyment and safety of large groups.

Bathrooms are located in the foyer and in the grand ballroom with ADA compliant stalls & sinks.

Kitchen equipped for caterers. Plenty of prep space with appliances for warming or cooling food. 


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Decor Perks

An inventory of perk items onsite to ensure you have all the little details you need. Some of our most requested perks include table numbers up to 20, an assortment of elegant picture frames, 2 easels, a gold hexagonal arbor, and a card box. Everything we have in house is included with your rental


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Our Lincoln Parlor (Left) and Balcony Suite (Right) provide a place to get ready on site for optimal ease and convenience on event day. Each suite remains secure with a keyless entry and safes for your valuables. Not to mention the velvet couches and stunning artwork, our suites provide breathtaking photo opportunities as you prepare for your big moment.


Photo by Olive Branch & Co

Photo by Olive Branch & Co




Get an hour for ceremony rehearsal on site. This will be scheduled on the closest available day to your wedding at no additional rental fee.


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On the day of your wedding, you get access to the grounds and venue all day, starting at 8:00am and going until midnight. Based on availability, come the day before to get a head start by dropping off items such as the wedding dress and setting up the ballroom.

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There is no hour limitation on the length of your event. No additional rental fees are applied for wedding ceremonies also taking place onsite. When you rent Hazelnut Farm, the indoors & outdoors are yours for the day to use in the way that best accommodates your wedding plans.


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End of the Night

We give guests time at the end of the night to call rideshares so they can get home safely. Cars can be left in our parking lot as long as they are picked up prior to guest arrival of our next event.  Security is provided for your event to ensure the well-being of all guests going home.

Vendors are given approximately an hour and a half for breakdown and clean up.  However, Hazelnut Farm will work with vendors when possible to pick up rentals at a later time so the client does not incur late night penalties. This flexibility does not extend to the pick up of food or flatware, glassware, and china, which must be removed from property that evening.


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Make it a complete wedding weekend when you add the on-site home >

Book Your



Not sure who to book for all your wedding needs?

Upon booking with Hazelnut Farm, you will be provided with a list of trusted vendors that have worked at the property. They meet all of our requirements, have treated our venue respectfully, shown kindness and courtesy to guests, and have gone above and beyond for our previous clients. To make your planning process easier, we are consistently editing that list to make sure we are referring high quality vendors who will ensure the success of your event. 

Preferred Vendors


& Bars

Caterers love working at Hazelnut Farm because of all of the convenience of our on site parking with easy load-in/load-out, large catering kitchen, and the numerous facilities and equipment we provide on site.

Flexibility for Budget & Style

With over 12 caterers on our preferred vendor list, you can find the pre-approved caterer that suits your budget and vision. Want to use a caterer not listed?  No problem!  Inquire today to see if your desired caterer meets our requirements.


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